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Customer Spotlight

How Kris inspired sales with a simple hat.

A couple of years ago, MakerOne was approached by Kris, a local insurance broker, about a seemingly simple project for a hat. But it soon became so much more.  

Kris’ employer was rolling out a new life insurance policy, and its acronym was ROP. So, Kris had the bright idea to order 25 hats with a simple design that featured the letters. He planned to wear the hat with the mysterious acronym in the hopes that curious people would ask about it, which would provide the perfect opportunity for him to talk about the new policy.  

We completed the order, delivered it within a couple of weeks, and wished Kris well. Soon after, Kris placed an order for 100 more hats. Not only had he given away hats to potential customers, but he also sent hats to his regional boss and their boss.

The hat was a hit. After only a few months, we went from supplying our local branch manager with hats to being the company’s national supplier of the famous “ROP” hat.

Soon enough, every insurance broker in the company who sold a ROP policy would give a hat to their client as a thank you. Before we knew it, we were sending hundreds of hats across the country. Kris eventually became known as the “ROP Father” and earned the title of the #1 seller of the ROP policy in the nation.

Proof that a simple hat with the right message can change the course of a company.

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